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When MCI founder and CEO Anthony Marlowe heard 500+ people lost their jobs when ServiCom closed its door just weeks before Christmas, he saw an opportunity to do something meaningful on behalf of the people of Sydney. “It feels great to align our desire to help the workers impacted with our desire to grow MCI. We are in a unique position to be able to quickly bring jobs back to Sydney, provide a valuable service to customers, and add talented employees and capacity to the MCI Portfolio,” said Marlowe.

MCI Canada

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The news broke just days before his annual leadership meeting where MCI’s top 20 executives were planning 2019. Emotionally moved by the news, Marlowe was clear on his message to the executive team: “Let’s get their jobs back by January 2, 2019”. MCI had been working hard to acquire ServiCom while the company was still operating and believed strongly that the Sydney operation was a great fit for MCI’s business. “Expanding into a new country in less than 30 days is a big undertaking, but we have a great team and technology in place to get it done. That coupled with the talent, quality, tenure and commitment of the team on the ground, and we have the ingredients for a high degree of short- and long-term success”, Marlowe said.

Cape Breton, Nova SCotia

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MCI is a motivated new employer, unaffiliated with ServiCom, but the MCI leadership team has been inspired by how the people of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and government have come together in support of neighbors, friends and family, and looks forward to being part of the community. “We are launching MCI Canada, The Sydney Call Centre, because of the amazing community, high aptitude workers, outstanding regional officials and committed clientele,” he added. “The Sydney Call Centre will be an amazing augmentation of Mass Markets’ and MCI’s tech-enabled business services and information and communications technology.

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